Approved Methods of Contact

Perpetual Federal Savings Bank has been your local, stable lender for over 140 years. Contact us today to speak to an experienced, local lender.



Main website:

Our website is only informational. PFSB does not offer online banking or mobile banking. Any online banking sites or apps that may seem to be from PFSB are not valid.


  • PFSB will never text you directly or through an application.

Automated Calls

  • PFSB will never ask you to enter or give account information to an automated phone system outside of telephone banking.

You should always be suspicious of requests for personal banking information.

Credit/Debit Card Calls

  • PFSB does not currently offer either.


  • PFSB may email you directly and our email convention is, but the email will not include links to websites.
    • When in doubt, call us.
    • The emails may include our phone number to call us to discuss items.
    • The email will usually not have an attachment.
    • The email will not include active links.

Mortgage Application Email

  • If you filled out a mortgage application, you will usually not receive an email from one of our loan officers.

Direct Human Call

  • PFSB may call you individually from approved numbers, but if you were not expecting the call, you should always call back a known number, which is listed below.
  • Calls from PFSB will originate from the number below, and you should call that numbers to verify identity or suspicious activity.
    • Main Office: 937.653.1700
    • If you filled out a mortgage application, you may receive a call from a loan officer from the number listed above.


  • On rare occasions we may mail you letters in regards to accounts.
  • If you are ever concerned or suspicious of a letter, please call the phone number to ask questions 937.653.1700.