PFSB Annual Reports

At Perpetual Federal Savings Bank, we handle the paperwork so you can focus on what matters to you.


Annual Reports

2014 Annual Report
2015 Annual Report
2016 Annual Report
2017 Annual Report
2018 Annual Report


Earnings Releases

February 1, 2016
April 15, 2016
July 27, 2016
October 28, 2016
January 27, 2017
April 21, 2017
October 27, 2017
January 24, 2018
April 19, 2018
July 16, 2018
October 19, 2018
January 18, 2019
April 18, 2019
July 24, 2019
October 15, 2019

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Privacy Policy

At PFSB we take Privacy very seriously



All funds in non interest-bearing transaction accounts are insured in full by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation from December 31, 2010, through December 31, 2012.


Checking & Savings

No Nonsense, Interest Bearing, Traditional Accounts

Perpetual Federal Savings Bank is a practical, sound bank. That is why we offer traditional passbook savings accounts and traditional checkbook checking accounts.


Personal Customer Service

We have been proudly serving our community for over 140 years. We want to provide you our legendary, face to face customer service. We are here to help. Please contact us if you need any assistance.